How to start on something

For those of you who have chanced upon this website in the past few years, you would have realised by now that this is the actual first entry posted on this webpage. The previous post, which has now been deleted, was part of the free WordPress theme template. It was quite an eye opening experience when you realised that how to start on something is actually not that hard.

This website was first started in the middle of the pandemic when I realised the importance of having a second stream of income. While at the same time not breaking the company rule of no moonlighting without first seeking permission with a valid reason. For many of us, moonlighting may not be a suitable option when your job requires you, whether directly or indirectly, to work overtime when the situation requires it.

Of course, if you are earning a substantial amount of income, then you may not need to consider a second stream of work income, but rather making your money work for you to gain more money. However, for many of us, we may not have enough money to truly make use of money to gain considerable amount of money.

As you search the internet, you may have come across many suggestions of how to create a second stream of income. But if everyone starts doing the same thing you may not be able to earn much, if any, reasonable amount of income. However, if you do not start, you may never know how it will really turn out.

The real issue is how to start on something. There may be many factors that prevent you from starting anything.

Factors that prevent you from starting anything

You may be a perfectionist where everything must be good and ready but it will also prevent you from truly starting because you just do not feel that it is perfect enough to start. You may be fearing that even with all your effort it will end up in failure, but if you do not start you will never know if it might succeed. You may have many ideas of what you want to do but unable to decide which you actually want to do, many available free tools on the internet to use but you may not find them to be as easy to use, have many periods of time when you are bored and trying very hard to find some entertainment to do till you may even be rewatching shows you already watched.

So how to make yourself start something? It is not easy but at the same time not that hard either. All you have to do is to pick out one small part of the idea, and just do it. For example, you want to do spring cleaning for your entire home and do not have the equipment to do so.

Pick out one small part of the idea, and just do it

Create a simple to do list on your phone or even on a small piece of paper. When you are heading home and happen to pass by a place that sell the equipment, buy it. You do not need to start cleaning on the same day you bought the equipment, it can be any other day. When you have free time but trying to find something to do, take out the cleaning equipment and just do one area or even one small area like one window even if you have half a dozen windows. As you start cleaning that one window, if you feel like it, you may just end up cleaning the other windows as well as maybe even the floors, tables and the rest of your home.

The key is to choose something small and just do it, it does not need to be perfect. As long as you are doing it, it is good enough.

So, start doing.

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